The Prolex Group is proud to have been contributing and evolving over the years to the electronics world since 1988. We offer custom Connectors and Cable Assemblies, Custom Military-Grade Hermetic and Filtered Connectors, Superior Touch Sensor Technology, and Custom Turnkey Design and Assembly. Our products have helped improve a wide range of global industries in a varied range of expertise

  • Military
  • Rail & Transportation
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Communications
  • Robotics
  • Space Satellites
  • Commercial
  • Aerospace


IGG Electronics Canada Inc. has been serving their customers since 1985. Our fully trained staff offer high quality assembly and just in time delivery. IGG is equipped with all the facilities for through hole printed circuit board assembly and automated surface mount placement systems for SMT assembly.

We also offer turnkey conformal coating services and specialized in epoxy potting and incapsulation of circuit boards and modules and electronic wiring assembly and mechanical assembly.



Prolex Electronics Inc. is the founding industry of the Prolex Group, servicing a varied range of industries since 1988. We are proud to offer custom connectors and harness assemblies



For over 60 years, Gauthier Connectique has been making all types of connectors, back shell, accessories for connections and wiring, and PTFE sealing plugs. Today, Gauthier’s expertise is recognized by top civilian and military aircraft manufacturers all around the world.



The Pressenk Padless Touch Sensor has been incorporated into a wide range of products from virtually every industry requiring human/machine interface. It can easily be adapted to applications which include proximity sensors (effective tested range over 24 inches or 60 centimetres) , operate in any environment (indoor, outdoor, harsh environment, high humidity, heavy EMI environment, aerospace), through any non-conductive material with practical thicknesses surpassing one inch or 2.54 centimetres. It can be integrated with touch screen technologies to offer a very efficient and simple multi-touch-capable touch screen, and since it requires a negligible amount of memory to operate (less than 1000 bytes) allows for easy integration within existing microcontrollers.

Home Appliance - Public Telephones - Bank Machines - Security Keypads - Automotive Industry
Medical Industry - Access Control Systems - Industrial Controls - Aerospace